Apr 24, 2005
If you know these words by heart


you've got that look in your eye
like maybe you'll throw your hands up in the air
and say, forget it, forget it all
i think maybe you hate complications
and verifications
that maybe you hate confrontations
endings and perhaps the color blue

we could discuss Hume
or maybe the mind and body problem
and how your mind doesn't work
half as well as your body
I would like it very much
if you'd explain to me the equation
of how you got from me plus you
to God I hate my own existence

It's now or it's never
it's done or it's forever
it's my yes to your no
and when you say you hate yourself
I believe you
because I hate you too
and if I could be anything, you see
I'd be the better version of me.

You press rewind
You press fast forward
and somehow you get from one thought
to the other
and maybe if you scream
maybe if you let it all out
you'll find you're not really lonely
that you're not missing out
you're just holding on too tight

you're just letting go too fast.


Posted at 03:02 am by Quynhanh
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